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Diaspora Leadership Training Program

The Diaspora Leadership Training program is a two-day, four-part training session for individuals, organizations, and diaspora-focused groups seeking capacity building, organizational development and leadership training for their respective initiatives.   Participants are introduced to the core components of leadership and diasporas in development.  The course helps leaders examine how to support and empower their community, amplify new voices and offer solutions to the world's most pressing problems. 

In this training, participants:

  • Gain insights to effective leadership in the diaspora
  • Explore the roles of diasporas in development
  • Learn the keys to success for effective diaspora leadership
  • Identify their motivations, mission and message for success!

Workshops include: 

  • Introduction to Diaspora Leadership (Day 1)
  • Understanding Your Diaspora Audience (Day 1)
  • Diasporas in Development (Day 2)
  • Putting Diaspora Leadership Into Practice (Day 2)

Participants also receive:  

  • Two One-Hour Networking Sessions with Session Participants
  • Diaspora Leadership Training Certificate of Completion
  • Diaspora Leadership Training Participant Directory
  • One-Hour Personalized Consultation

For more about the DLT program, check out our work with the International diaspora Engagement Alliance here



Webinars and Online Classes

Diaspora Courses

Introduction to Diaspora Leadership

The Introduction to Diaspora Leadership workshop introduces participants to diaspora affairs and the global diaspora experience. Participants will learn about the core tenets of leadership and leadership  in diaspora communities and examine their goals as diaspora organizers, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. 

Understanding Your Diaspora Audience

The Understanding Your Diaspora Audience  workshop introduces participants to the concepts of change goals and target audiences and help them develop their diaspora agenda for international development. Participants identify the communities they seek to support in their home and host countries and who their target audiences are to help advance development in their home countries. This session will include an overview of constituencies, civic engagement and effective organizing.  

Diasporas in Development

The Diasporas in Development workshop is an introductory session for individuals and organizations seeking to develop business and engagement strategies with diaspora audiences.  The course provides participants with an overview of the role of diasporas in development and explores leading areas for engagement and investment with diaspora actors, including philanthropy, investment, development and business. 

Putting Diaspora Leadership Into Action

This Putting Diaspora Leadership Into Action workshop explores the challenges and opportunities unique to diaspora organizing and incorporate previous lessons on organizing, advocacy and constituency building. Participants explore best practices of diaspora outreach, messaging, capacity building and advocacy through interactive learning and group simulation exercises. 

Diaspora Networks & Organizations

The Diaspora Networks & Organizations workshop provides diaspora individuals, groups and communities with an overview of how to get started as a diaspora-focused network or organization.  Participants will be introduced to various non-profit and for-profit case studies highlighting best practices and success stories. Participants will learn about the fundamentals to establishing a non-profit organization and alternatives to non-profit structures.  They will also receive interactive training on identifying their diaspora-focused mission, message and model.  

Leadership Courses



African Changemakers Salon

African Changemakers Salon

Learning to Lead From Within

The Learning to Lead From Within workshop introduces participants to the principles behind mission driven leadership and living.  Emphasizing personal and professional opportunities for growth, this session helps participants identify their short and long-term goals and learn how to work with their strengths and vulnerabilities. The goal of the course is to help participants identify and learn how to practice their leadership in everyday settings, including relationships and the workplace. 

Introduction to Public Speaking

The Introduction to Public Speaking workshop introduces participants to the principles of public speaking, including persuasive verbal and nonverbal communication, pace and timing, strategic word choice, audience mapping and interaction.  Participants will  practice speaking in small groups and deliver presentations at the end of the session. 

Professional Development Courses

The Art of Networking

The Art of Networking workshop introduces participants to the basic components  of effective networking, including body language, business etiquette and in-person and online best practices.  Participants will learn through interactive learning and one-on-one break out sessions. 

Introduction to Social Media

The Introduction to Social Media training is an interactive training and overview of social media networks and strategies to develop personal and professional brands online.  Participants are introduced to different platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, and provided with the tools to establish and manage their social media presence.