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Yale Association for African Peace & Development: Sustainable Development in the Next Decade

  • Yale University New Haven, CT (map)

Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace and Development will hold its annual Sankofa54 conference, under the theme "Sustainable Development in the Next Decade". Semai Consulting will speak on the Economic Partnerships panel, exploring parnterships of public-private partnerships, attracting diaspora investments and working with new development partners for long-term growth. 


Economic Partnerships Panel:

Africa’s economic partners have been instrumental in the rapid growth that the continent has experienced. These partners have provided funds, logistics and human capital as well as served as important trade partners for raw materials and other exports. Inasmuch as these partners have provided tremendous benefits to many countries, it is naive to assume that these partnerships have been without their constraints and demerits.


These partners will continue to remain important in the quest to make Africa a significant economic power. Intra-African economic partnerships and dividends from such partnerships have however kept pace and do not account for much in the economic plans of various countries. This is especially interesting because of how much potential such partnerships have and how intricately the destinies of many African economies are tied to the foreign governments who may reduce capital flow especially in times of economic slowdown. The barriers to intra African trade are well documented; hence this panel will examine ways of promoting, developing and sustaining such partnerships.